What is a Bond Clean pic
What is a Bond Clean pic

You have been told that you need to do a bond clean, but what is it? What is included? How much does it cost if you hire a cleaner to do it for you? All great questions – here are your answers …

You have been told that you need to do a bond clean, but what is it? What is included? How much does it cost if you hire a cleaner to do it for you? All great questions – here are your answers …

What is a bond clean?

Also known as Vacate Cleaning and End of Lease Cleaning, a bond clean is the final clean you give a property at the end of your rental lease, before handing the keys back to the agent.

The terms of your lease usually include a requirement to leave the property in a clean state. Generally, this means you need to leave it in the same, or better, condition as to how it was at the start of your lease.

What is included?

Your agent is likely to give you an end of lease to do list. This will include all areas that need to be cleaned. However, a good rule of thumb is to assume that “everything” needs to be cleaned.

Apart from the obvious, this also includes – windows (inside and outside), blinds, range hood filters, light fittings, ceiling fans, doors, walls (including the garage), exhaust fans, wardrobe shelves, power points, the top of kitchen cupboards and the patio area.

If you are doing the clean yourself, a good Bond Clean Checklist will make sure you don’t miss anything. You can download a quality Checklist at the below link …

Bond Clean Checklist

What does 'clean' actually mean?

Important – it will be up to your property manager, or agent, to decide whether you have cleaned the property to an acceptable standard. If your agent is not happy with the standard of the clean, they may require you to go back and reclean specific items. The agent may also hire a cleaner to do it and the cost will come out of your Bond Deposit.

This will be the same if you hire a cleaner, or if you do the bond clean yourself, so it is important to make sure you get it right.

As a bond cleaner, who does a lot of cleans for agents, it is common for me to be asked to reclean areas that had been cleaned by a tenant, or a cleaner. This is because the house was not ‘cleaned’ to the agent’s standard.

In many cases I could see that the person had put a lot of work into cleaning. After all that hard work, being told that it isn’t clean would hurt!

A bond clean isn’t easy and often people are surprised by how long it takes. Some people give up, some use the wrong products and others simply do not know how to clean. Please note – you are not expected to know ‘how’ to clean, but you are expected to leave the house ‘clean’.

If you want to know ‘how’ – The Bond Clean Book is for you.

If you prefer to hire a cleaner, then this next section is for you …

How much does a bond clean cost?

The cost of a bond clean depends on what needs to be cleaned and the level of cleaning required. Because of this, the price can differ from house to house, even if they are the same size.

The cost of a bond clean will also vary from cleaner to cleaner. Yes, there are cheap cleaners, average priced cleaners and higher priced cleaners.

The best way to find out the cost for your property is to get a few quotes. However, as with everything else in life, “price” is only one part of the decision.

How do you choose a bond cleaner?

If you are going to pay a cleaner it is worth taking some time to find a good one. Why? The whole idea of paying someone to do it for you is so that you don’t have to worry about the cleaning.

Here are a couple of things you should also consider when choosing a cleaner …

Will they clean eveything that needs to be cleaned?

It surprises me how many cleaners, who advertise themselves as Bond Cleaners, do not include certain areas of a property.

For example – some cleaners will not clean marks off walls or high items (such as ceiling fans, light fittings and even high shelves). Others won’t clean the outside windows or the blinds.

All these areas need to be cleaned. If they don’t do it – you will have to!

If you Google bond cleaners, you will usually be able to see what they do and don’t clean on their websites. When talking to a potential cleaner it is a good idea to ask them if there is anything that they DO NOT clean.

Does the cleaner offer a guarantee?

A typical guarantee includes the cleaner coming back to rectify anything that is missed. Or any area not cleaned to your agent’s, or your, standard. And at no further cost to you.

I would prioritise these cleaners on your list.

Be aware, some cleaners put a time requirement on their guarantee – such as 1 week after the clean. Others may also only guarantee one fix it clean, which may still not be up to standard. This could mean you still have to clean. Or the agent will pay their cleaner to do it and the cost will come out of your bond deposit.

The best guarantee is one that guarantees the clean will be approved by the agent.

How can you reduce the cost of a bond clean?

If hiring a cleaner is too expensive, you can reduce the cost by cleaning certain areas yourself and hiring a cleaner to do the rest.

For example – cleaning the inside and outside windows yourself could save you $100, or more.

You may ask a cleaner to only clean the areas that you really don’t want to clean – such as the bathrooms, oven, kitchen or walls. This means you will have to clean everything else.

If you need cleaning advice, then take a look at  The Bond Clean Book. There are loads of How To Clean Guides and you can save yourself a lot of money.

If you choose to do the whole clean yourself, using this book will give you the best chance of getting your whole bond back.

How long does a bond clean take?

Whether you are doing the clean yourself, or hiring a cleaner to do it for you, allowing 2 full days for cleaning is ideal.

As mentioned earlier, a bond clean includes “everything” in the property. You may be surprised how long it takes, even if you have help. Sometimes it just feels like it is never going to end.

When hiring a cleaner, the second day is important so that you can check their work. If you need to call them back to fix anything, or if you need to fix it yourself, you will have time to do this.

Need some help with your bond clean?

The Bond Clean Book has everything you need to do your own bond clean.

A detailed Bond Clean Checklist, that covers every agent’s requirements. 30 How To Clean Guides that tell you, and ‘show’ you, HOW to clean every item on your checklist. It also outlines what products from the supermarket you should use, for even the most extreme clean.

Download yours today …

The Bond Clean Book

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Good luck with the clean.

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