No time to muck around … Assuming you are mid-clean, below are the key areas that I suggest you focus on when using this book.


If you haven’t already, buy and download The Bond Clean Book now by clicking on the below button, then save it to your phone.

It could be the difference between getting your bond back or not.

Currently $5 but will increase to $7 on 1st August


The Bond Clean Book is designed to make it quick and easy for you to skip to the area/s that matter most to you now. And everything can be found via the Main Contents page …

Main Contents Page

Once downloaded, go straight to the Main Contents page (Page 4).

Use this page to TAP on a section that you need, and it will jump straight there …

Conents TAP

When you finish reading your chosen section just TAP the “Back to Contents” button at the end of each section, to go back to the Main Contents page …

Back to Conents TAP

There is a lot of information available to you in this book.

But, because you are already cleaning and urgency is the key, below I will go through the 2 important areas of the book that you are likely to need right now – Your Bond Clean Checklist and The Step By Step Guides

Your Bond Clean Checklist

The Bond Clean Checklist is an important tool when you are doing your own bond clean.

This one includes everything that a detailed property manager expects you to clean.


From the Main Contents page, TAP on the last item – “Your Bond Clean Checklist”

Checklist TAP

Screen shot the checklist (assuming you are on your phone).

It is a good idea to double check the list before you mop the floors, to make sure that you have completed everything.

NOTE – If you don’t have time to complete everything that is ok. Just be prepared, as you may need to go back and clean them after the inspection.


After you have screen shot the Checklist, TAP on the “Back to Contents” button at bottom of the page, this will take you back to the Main Contents page …

Back to Contents Checklist TAP

Step By Step Guides

You may be stuck on how to clean a specific area and need help. That is what the Step by Step Guides are for.

To find the Guides you want, go back to the Main Contents page and TAP on “Step By Step Guides”

Step By Step Guides TAP

The Steps in every Guide include a description and a pic (taken during real bond cleans) so you can see exactly what I use and how I use it to get excellent results, regardless of the condition of the property.

This 2 page Guides Menu is your work area. There are 30 Guides available. Given your limited time it is best to only go to the ones you need help with right now.


To do this just TAP on the Guide and it will jump straight to it …

Guides TAP

Follow the steps in the Guide.

When you finish cleaning that area, TAP on the “Back to Guides” button at the end of the Guide and you are ready for the next area …

Back to Guides TAP

Leave the book on the Guides Menu page so you can just refer back to your phone when doing the clean.

NOTE – before you mop the floors, remember to go back to your checklist and double check to make sure you have done everything.

This is only a quick overview as you are way too busy cleaning to be reading!

When you have time, if you want to see more features and options on how to use The Bond Clean Book, I recommend checking out the Planning Ahead section here > Planning Ahead

Now that you have The Bond Clean Book you can TAP through it at any time and you will be more than ready for your next bond clean.

Good luck with the rest of this clean.


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