Planning Ahead

So you are a cleaner, awesome!

Whether you are just getting started, or have been cleaning for some time, The Bond Clean Book can help you get the results you need in your business.

I have been bond cleaning for over 10 years and still do. Because I always guarantee every clean, I had to work out what to use to get results that pass every inspection – regardless of how picky they may be.

The Bond Clean Book addresses many of the heavy duty situations you are likely to face and, if you don’t already, you can confidently guarantee your cleans too.


Below are some key areas to explore, with examples of how to use this book in your cleaning business.

Main Contents Page

The book is designed to make it easy for you to find what you need. And everything starts with the Main Contents page (page 4).

All you need to do is TAP on the area you want, and it will skip straight there for you …

Conents TAP

When you finish reading that area just TAP the “Back to Contents” button at the end of each topic and it will bring you back to the Main Contents page …

Back to Conents TAP

A good place to start is the Bond Clean Checklist …

Your Bond Clean Checklist

Experienced bond cleaners will know the benefit of having a plan – knowing where to start and where to go next prevents procrastination. It also helps to make sure you don’t miss anything.

This one includes everything that a detailed property manager expects you to clean.

If you are not currently using a checklist then print this one. In time, you may decide to make up your own.


From the Main Contents page, TAP on the last item – “Your Bond Clean Checklist”

Checklist TAP

Tick off items during your clean and remember to double check everything before you mop the floors.

When you are finished with the Checklist, just TAP the “Back to Contents” button at the bottom of the page to get back to the Main Contents page …

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Keeping It Safe

This section may be very important for you. Give it a browse when you have some time.

You are likely to rush cleans at times and it is easy to forget about potential dangers. The last thing you need is an injury, when your income relies on you being healthy.

These are the most common things I have experienced in the past 10 years of bond cleaning.


From the Main Contents page, TAP on “Keeping It Safe”

Keeping it Safe TAP

Adding a decent First Aid Kit to your equipment list is recommended, just in case.

Products & Equipment

I’ve used commercial grade products and eco-friendly products but, for the past 8 or so years, most of what I use can be found in your local supermarket or hardware store. If I run out of something I can just duck around the corner and get it. And, 99% of the time, they get the job done.

All the products and equipment I use for bond cleans are in this section. There is also a product and equipment list at the beginning of each Step by Step Guide.

If you are just starting in bond cleaning this section may be handy to help you put together a cleaning kit for your bond cleans.

Flick through and check them out. And remember to experiment from time to time to find out what YOUR go to products will be.


From the Main Contents page, TAP on “Products & Equipment”

Products & Equipment TAP

Step By Step Guides

Get to know the Step By Step Guides Menus.

There are 30 “How To” Guides on this 2 page menu. From range hoods to walls, windows, the oven, blinds, showers, different types of stove tops and even the toilet – every single thing that you need to clean for a Bond Clean.


From the Main Contents page, TAP on “Step by Step Guides” and it will take you to the Guides Contents pages

Step By Step Guides TAP

The Steps in every Guide include a description and a pic (taken during real bond cleans) so you can see exactly what I use and how I use it to get excellent results, regardless of the condition of the property. Here are a couple of examples …

Oven Cleaning


Shower Cleaning


Throughout the Guides you will also find Handy Hints

Dealing with Mouldy Blinds

Mouldy Blind Example

Using products or equipment that may damage certain areas

Damage to areas Example

If you are new to bond cleaning, take some time to familiarise yourself with all of the Guides, if you want. But I recommend you start with a couple of areas that you have found difficult in the past.


When you are on a clean and struggling to get the result you want, just pull out your phone, open the book and TAP the Guide you need …

Guides TAP

After you have finished cleaning that area, TAP on the “Back to Guides” button at the end of the Guide to go back to the Guides Menus …

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I know The Bond Clean Book can help you in your business.

If you have any questions, please reach on Messenger by clicking below …


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It could save your bacon one day …


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May your cleaning business thrive.

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